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What do you need to shine online? My web services include:
web design, web marketing, online store set-up, and web maintenance.

Web Design That Positively Shines

You want results from your web site. But online distractions abound like never before. Your web site competes with funny videos, Facebook updates, shared photos for attention. Impatient web site visitors decide in ten-seconds* whether to stay or leave.

Having a “cool” web site is not enough. Talking solely about you, and your business, is not enough.

My solution: develop content - what visitors read, watch and listen to - that speaks directly to their interests and needs. When you clearly demonstrate how you can fulfill their interests or needs, they will explore your site.

My Web Design Process - Focus on Content

We start by laying out the foundation: what your business is about, who your ideal customers are, and what results (sales enquiries, phone calls etc) you want from your web site.

We discuss "conversions" - actions you want web site visitors to take on each page. That step could be calling you, dropping by your store, or signing up for a newsletter.

Next, we focus on planning and creating web content (text, pictures, and/or videos) needed to capture attention and produce conversions.

Web design elements (colour scheme, graphics, buttons, functionality) are created to support conversions and complement the content.

Web Writing (and other Content) - The Missing Link

It is the content - the writing, pictures and even videos - that draws and keeps visitors to a web site. An average-looking site with solid, valuable content will outperform a splashy site with "fluff"!

Developing the content plan is a collaborative process. Depending on your preferences, I can create some or all the content for your site. As well, we can also bring in web writers and other professionals to create various pieces of content.

Content Focused Web Design Gets Results

A "content" driven web site will:

Search Engine Friendly Web Sites

Customers rely heavily on search engines like Google to find web sites of interest. My content creation process includes planning and use of keywords appropriate for your business. As a result, your web site will be easier to find when prospects and customers search online for your products (or services).

You won't just be online, you will positively shine online … and reap the benefits!

Web Marketing

A web site populated with credible, interesting content, and built to be search engine friendly, will attract some traffic. But to maximize your web investment, web marketing to generate traffic is essential.

Web marketing consists of offline and online marketing activities aimed at getting more visitors to your site. It includes:

When assessing what role social media might play in your marketing strategy, we will consider such questions like:

While I am not a "web marketing guru", I create a basic web marketing plan. We will select and plan those marketing activities that fit your business, your budget and time restraints.

Online Store Set-up


Got great products you want to sell online? Or perhaps you want to sell educational materials, premium content, or your own eBooks. Or perhaps you would like customers to pay online for services you deliver offline.

Shopify is an online builder with great features, low cost, and an app to create a Facebook Store. Learn more about Shopify.

Web Site Maintenance

Keeping your web site updated, with fresh content, is critical to maintaining visitor interest. Fresher content also leads to better ranking with search engines like Google.

I can help set-up a web content maintenance plan to identify what content should be updated, how often, and by whom.

Do It Yourself Web Site Maintenance (WordPress, Joomla, Shopify)

Content management systems (CMS) such as Joomla or WordPress make it easy for web site owners to update their own content. Shopify combines an online store and content management. We will assess your needs and set-up system that will work for you.

With some training and new found confidence, you will be able to keep your web site in peak working order!

Web Site Maintenance Service

Web editing not your cup of tea? I can take on some or all of your web site maintenance needs.

Now is the Time to Shine Online!

Now that we have covered the basics, you may have a few questions. My FAQ page may have some answers for you, or you can contact me directly. You can also view my project portfolio.

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* Credit: Jakob Nielsen, "How Long Do Users Stay on Web Pages?"