In addition to creating, marketing and managing your web site, you need software (also called programs or applications) to manage your operations.

The key is select the software (or applications) that will increase your overall effectiveness and efficiency. After all, technology promises to make “managing” easier!

By getting to know your business, I present you with some options. For example, you want to improve your systems to:

  • collect and manage customer data
  • enhance customer service and followup
  • manage inventory
  • track project deliverables and documents
  • monitor email and other marketing campaigns
  • enable document sharing and collaboration with external clients

Software Services

Evaluating the numerous software options can be a challenging task. In addition to conventional software, many new web-based options add more complexity to the mix. Web-based software, with its speedy set-up and low cost is compelling, but is it the right choice for you?

Consulting services are tailored to meet your needs:

  • review of software choices that meet your business needs and budget
  • set-up and customization of purchased software
  • development of custom business application (i.e. database)
  • staff training

Grow Your Business

Software selected to fit your business can reduce operating costs, increase staff productivity, and improve customer service. And, furthermore, it can even support the creation of entirely new services and products!

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