Privacy Policy

With today's connected world, protecting personal privacy is a concern for everyone. On a personal and business level, I too place high value on protecting personal privacy.

On my website, there are a couple of features that are related to personal privacy:

  • The website uses some third-party cookies for website 'analytics' to help me understand how this website is used. Google Analytics is one such tool. Where possible I have setup the 'analytics' data collection to be 'anonymous', so that the cookies do not store or transmit any personal identifying information.
  • The contact form for store set-up enquiries uses a temporary but necessary cookie to process the contact form. This cookie does not store personal information, and disappears when you close the browser. Contact form information is sent out by email, and not stored on this website.

You do have the option, however, to accept or refuse the use of analytic cookies on this website. Click the black 'cookie' notice in the left hand corner of every page to make your choice.

Note, the cookies are linked to the device and browser you use, and not necessarily to you as a person. Also be aware that you need to have Javascript enabled in order to accept or refuse using the 'cookie' notice installed here.

Online Marketing and Third Party Services

I do not share contact information of existing clients, or anyone that contacts me, with external parties, for use on mailing lists, or personally targeted advertising. You will not see ads from this website follow you as you browse other websites.


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Google's Privacy Policy, and learn how to opt out of tracking.

Instructions on how to change settings on your browser to manage cookie use on any website: