There are lots of web designers! How are you different?

I take the view that web design is not merely creating a "cool" looking web site frame, with an empty hole for the content - that you, the web site owner, must fill. I also understand that your web site is a marketing and sales tool - that should generate leads and sales.

Therefore, I spend time and effort on the critical factors that will actually make your web site a success. Those factors are: planning and creating content that will appeal to your prospects and customers; designing each page to deliver on specific goals.

And, I will also ensure the entire process is a positive experience - with a great outcome!

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How much does a web site cost?

Good question … and as you might expect, it all depends on the scope of the project and the features you want. Small business web sites (4 to 10 pages) range from approx. $1,200 to $2,500. Factors that impact the final price include the amount of content I create (or outsource if needed), set-up of content management system, web site editing training, and additional features like online store.

Each project is different, so contact me and we can discuss your project in detail.

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Why pay for a web site when there are free web sites?

To be quite honest, in some cases, a "free" web site can fill your needs, especially in the short term. For example, when you want a web site for a fundraiser event or a community group.

Free web sites either offer:

Building your own site can work if you are prepared to do the planning, creating and editing work. And learn the technical ins and outs of their web building system.

On the other hand, if your time is better spent doing what you do best (running your business), it is well worth your while to pay an experienced designer to do the work!

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Do you do mobile web sites? That is web sites specifically designed to display well on mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets?

Yes, I can create a new web site built to display well on desktop/laptop computers and mobile devices. Converting an existing web site to be "mobile friendly" is doable, but can be more work depending on the type of site you have.

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I am really busy so can I just give you my brochures?

It is quite possible for you to say: “Here is my brochure. Make a web site for me and let me know when it is done.” I have produced web sites this way, but it is not optimal.

Nobody knows your business like you do! A modest investment in your time will help me better understand your business and your customers. The better that understanding, the better the resulting web site!

But if this is your reality, yes I can certainly put your brochure online. Better that you have your basic 'brochure' information "out on the Internet" than having nothing at all!

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Do you do web site reviews to make suggestions for improvements?

Often it is difficult to objectively assess your own web site. Yes, I can spend an hour or two reviewing your web site. I can provide you with a written report noting its strengths, and suggesting improvements.

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I have an existing web site, but I want a content management system (like WordPress) added. Can you do that?

Yes, I can migrate your exisitng site to a new content management system, like WordPress, and, if you want, help you learn to use it too.

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I have an existing web site I am happy with, but I need someone to edit it for me. Will you do that?

Certainly! I would be happy to do whatever web site updates you need, whether an occasional edit, or major update.

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Can you train me to edit my own web site?

Yes, I can help you learn the "technical" aspects of web site maintenance, as well as the in and outs of a variety of web site editors. In terms of desktop editors, I have worked with: Contribute, Dreamweaver, and RapidWeaver. I can also help you learn to use WordPress or Joomla.

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