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Arina Winkelman

Arina Winkelman

My name is Arina Winkelman. I am a web enthusiast - continually learning how business can use technology to grow profits.

I specialize in web site design for business and non-profits - with sharp focus on "results-driven" design. That means clearly understanding what results the web site should generate, and then creating a site to deliver those results.

I run my one-woman "tech shop" from the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. For larger or more complex projects, I have a network of professionals who can add their expertise and energy.

As my client, you can expect courteous and expert service. Relationships with my clients are built on respect and honesty. If you have a project that I can not provide genuine value, I will say so. And then do my best to help you find someone who can fulfill your needs. Similarly, if you request a feature for your web site that is not recommended, I will let you know, and explain why. You, of course, make the final decision.

I will not muddy our conversation with unnecessary technical jargon! I can speak the language of business while explaining technology in "plain" language.

Client relationships extend beyond the project completion. You can rely on me to provide ongoing support, and advice when you need it.

A Bit More About My Background

Before working as an independent web designer, I was employed in various technical positions both in information technology companies, and in government (federal and provincial governments). Thankfully, my work experience goes beyond just the "technical".

I have hands-on experience in small business, from running a bed and breakfast, to operating a cheese-making business with my father. I do know the trials and triumphs of small business life!

My formal education and training includes a Bachelor of Commerce, Applied Information Technology Diploma, Master of Electronic Commerce and a Master’s Certificate in Project Management.

Enough About Me …

So, would you like to chat? If you got questions, comments, or just want to connect, drop me a note. I would be delighted to hear from you!

If you are on LinkedIn, we can connect there too! Here's my LinkedIn profile.


Bridgewater and Area Chamber of Commerce

The Bridgewater and Area Chamber of Commerce serves the business community by providing its members with training opportunities, speaking out on business issues, and representing the interests of business to government policy makers.

South Queens Chamber of Commerce

The South Queens Chamber of Commerce works to “promote and improve trade and commerce, and will work to foster the economic, civic and social welfare of the district.” South Queens serves the southern portion of Queens County (including Liverpool), Nova Scotia.

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